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Dr. Soon Ae Chun

City University of New York
College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center CUNY-College of Staten Island
Information Systems and Informatics, 3N-210
2800 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10314 ( map)
718-982-2931, 718-982-2920(msg), 718-982-2965(fax),
Gmail: soonaechun at gmail or

CUNY-Graduate Center
Computer Science Department, Rm 4410
365 5th Ave, New York, NY
212-817-8204, 212-817-8190(msg) 212-817-1510(fax)

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News & Announcements
  • July 2018: A special issue of selected papers from dg.o 2017 is in press on the topic of "Evidence-based Government" published in Information Polity journal.

  • May 2018, New Journal approved: ACM Digital Government- Research and Practice. I will serve as Founding co-Editor-in-Chief with Beth Noveck.

  • Mar 2018: Received a Fulbright Scholarship Award to conduct a research at Seoul National University.

  • Published - Special issue on Models and Strategies toward Planning and Developing Smart Cities, Int. Jounrnal of E-Planning Research.

  • Track chair (with Yulin Fang and Marijn Janssen), the ICIS 2018 Track on E-Business and E-Government, San Francisco, Dec 2018.

  • Conf. Co-Chair: dg.o 2018 - 19th Int. Conf on Digital Government Research, Delft, the Netherlands, May 30-Jun 1, 2018