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The Ontology-Supported Web Search Engine contains information about famous people.

Our ontology contains information on over 57,000 famous people, including musicians, athletes, actors, and politicians. The OSWS ontology links these individuals together and to 300,000 other entities in our ontology. In total, there are over 600,000 facts in our ontology. As development continues, we will continue to improve on the OSWS ontology.

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How does the Ontology-Supported Web Search (OSWS) System work?

The OSWS System provides disambiguated search suggestions based on your input. To start, just type a first and/or last name of a famous person. For example, Paul Simon, Tony Bennett or George Bush.

What OSWS Displays

After you type atleast three letters, the system will display the names of up to 4 matching famous people stored in the OSWS ontology. Every line contains a suggested search completion that is constructed based from the knowledge in the OSWS ontology. Results will be returned in order based on the number of facts our ontology contains about the individual.

Thick black lines are used to separate results from different occupations (such as separating musicians from politicians). Thin colored lines separate different results which have the same occupation.

To help you better choose the desired homonym, the Google search results for each OSWS suggestion shown below the suggestions and are split vertically and color coded. If you move your mouse over one of the suggested completions and hover for 1.5 seconds, the search results will be shown for only that suggestion.

Search term options

OSWS Options

If you click on the Negative Search Terms checkbox (see below) then negative search terms are appended to suggested completions when two or more famous people share the same name. These negative search terms attempt to refine the search suggestion to provide better search results. If two people share the same name but do not share the same occupation, their suggested completions will include a negative suggestion for only their occupations. If two people share the same name and the same occupation, then different facts will include negative results (such as birth place, sports team played on, album produced, etc.). Some examples of negative results are shown below.

Negative search terms when two or more people share same name but not same occupation.
Negative search terms when two or more people share the same name and occupation.

If you click on the right pointing arrow (see below, located to the left of the negative search terms check box), you will see the suggested completions of the less popular search terms (those beyond the top 4). Similarly, if you click on the left arrow, you will see the more popular search terms.

Note that the numbers to the bottom right change based on which results you are currently looking at. These numbers show the total number of results along with which results you are presently looking at.

Search term options
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The Ontology-Supported Web Search system is an ongoing project at the Computer Science Department of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

If you have any questions please contact

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