Welcome back to the fall semester of 2016. The new academic year is always full of excitements and enthusiasm everyone on campus, especially the students, bring. It is also exciting for the faculty to reconnect with the ISI majors as well as the CSI college community.

We are celebrating one year of launching the new Information Systems and Informatics program! We are excited to share the news that we have thirty seven students who declared the ISI as their major within one year. We have added a new adjunct faculty for the ISI discipline this semester. This is a great achievement!

We have an exciting year ahead, a year to look forward and build our future together. We offered two brand new courses such as Information Security and Risk Management, and Business Intelligence and Analytics last year, and will continue these courses. Our goal is to offer enough ISI courses regularly for your timely completion of the curriculum. The spring semester has already scheduled four ISI courses.

Our student leaders have been working on establishing a student club, called Club-ISI, as a student governance body. This will allow the ISI students to build a network of support with one another and with alums. The club will create opportunities to socialize, learn from each other, and interact with the industry and government leaders as well as to voice their opinions for enriching the ISI program. We look forward to seeing the variety of activities and events of the Club-ISI.

The faculty members will continue their efforts to engage the students in their teaching, research and outreach programs. We have created student teaching assistantships to be a TA for labs in BUS215. The ISI students can be engaged in a variety of faculty research projects. Last year, one of our students worked with ISI faculty members, and his research work was presented not only in the CSI Undergraduate Conference but also was accepted and presented at a top database Intentional Conference. In addition, three ISI students were awarded with cybersecurity scholarships through the NSF grant. We encourage you to involve in research projects under the guidance of ISI faculty members.

Our Data Science and Cyber Security summer camp for high school students was offered as part of the outreach program initiated by our ISI faculty member. Three ISI students and two CS students have served as mentors for two week period, leading the high school students to the joy of data science and cybersecurity. This outreach program is planned for the next summer, so get involved in the meaningful summer program like this.

We look forward to another great year of learning and discovery. As always, we wish you a successful year, and hopefully we grow the connection with our alumni and partners around the world. You can always share your thoughts and ideas with us via soon.chun@csi.cuny.edu or zhanyang.zhang@csi.cuny.edu.

Happy new academic year!


Soon Ae Chun & Zhanyang Zhang
ISI Co-Directors of Information Systems and Informatics