B.S. Degree

Information Systems and Informatics (ISI) program offers B.S. (Bachelor or Science) degree in Information Systems and Informatics.
The curriculum and course descriptions are shown below:


Pre-Major Requirements: 33-36 credits

ACC 114 Introduction to Accounting I 4 credits
BUS 160 Business Law I 3 credits
CSC 126 Introduction to Computer Science 4 credits
BUS 215 Information Management 4 credits
ISI 300 Information Structures for Business 4 credits
ECO 111 Introduction to Microeconomics 4 credits
MGT 110 Organizational Theory and Management 3 credits
ECO 230/ MGT 230 Introduction to Economic and Managerial Statistics 4 credits
In addition to the course taken to satisfy Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (RMQR), students must take an additional math course from the following list:
MTH 221 Applied Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus 4 credits
MTH 229 Calculus Computer Laboratory 1 credit
MTH 230 Calculus I with Pre-Calculus 6 credits
MTH 229 Calculus Computer Laboratory 1 credit
MTH 231 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 3 credits
MTH 232 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 3 credits

Note: Students should take the highest-level mathematics course for which they qualify. Student may be required to take MTH 123 to fulfill the pre- or corequisites for CSC 126, MTH 221, orMTH 230; and/or MTH 130 forMTH 231.

Major Requirements: 35 credits

ISI 205 Data Communications and IT Infrastructure 4 credits
ISI 352 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design 4 credits
ISI 490 Capstone Project in Info Systems 4 credits
CSC 226 Web Database Applications 3 credits
CSC 315 Introduction to Database Management Systems 4 credits
In addition to the major requirements each student chooses one area of concentration.

Concentration One: 16 credits

Choose three courses from the following and one course from Concentration Two.
ISI 315 Information Security & Risk Management 4 credits
ISI 334 Business Intelligence and Analytics 4 credits
ISI 364 Enterprising Computing Strategies 4 credits
ISI 374 Information Systems Project Management 4 credits

Concentration Two: 16 credits

CSC 421 Internet Data Communications and Security 4 credits
CSC 424 Database Management Systems 4 credits
CSC 438 Mobile Application Development 4 credits
One course chosen from the Concentration One. 4 credits

Electives: 7-10 credits

Total credits: 120 credits

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement

Since most business courses and computer science courses are non-liberal arts and sciences courses, students in this program should pay special attention to this requirement. At least 60 credits of the 120 credit total must be in this area.