ACM SAC 2016
ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 2016

A Technical Track on the Semantic Web and Applications (SWA)

Pisa, Italy, April 4-8, 2016

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Full conference program is available at SAC2016 main site.
Proceedings TOC (pages 10 covers SWA track papers)


  • 1100 Measuring Semantic Distance for Linked Open Data-enabled Recommender Systems
    Authors: Guangyuan Piao and John G. Breslin

  • 1159 An Ontology Pattern Language for Service Modeling
    Authors: Ricardo A. Falbo, Glaice K. Quirino, Julio C. Nardi, Monalessa P. Barcellos, Giancarlo Guizzardi, Nicola Guarino, Antonella Longo and Barbara Livieri

  • 1174 Leveraging the Schema in Latent Factor Models for Knowledge Graph Completion
    Authors: Pasquale Minervini, Claudia d'Amato, Nicola Fanizzi and Floriana Esposito

  • 1374 Ontology Enrichment by Discovering Multi-Relational Association Rules from Ontological Knowledge Bases
    Authors: Claudia d'Amato, Steffen Staab, Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi, Tran Duc Minh and Fabien Gandon
    Nominated for the best paper award

  • 1382 Gold Standard based Evaluation of Ontology Learning Techniques
    Authors: Hela Sfar, Anja Habacha Chaibi, Amel Bouzeghoub and Henda Ben Ghezala

  • 1889 A 2-phase Frame-based Knowledge Extraction Framework
    Authors: Francesco Corcoglioniti, Marco Rospocher and Alessio Palmero Aprosio

  • 2058 SECF: Improving SPARQL Querying Performance with Proactive Fetching and Caching
    Authors: Wei Emma Zhang, Quan Z. Sheng, Kerry Taylor, Yongrui Qin, Lina Yao and Ali Shemshadi


  • 1046 A Bootstrapping Method for Extracting Attribute names with Keys from the Web
    Authors: Yoshinori Hijikata, Shintaro Nomura, Fumitaka Nakane and Shogo Nishida

  • 1830 Automated Bio-simulation Experiments on the Semantic Web: The SIFEM Platform
    Authors: Andre Freitas, Kartik Asooja, Muntazir Mehdi, Joao Jares and Ratnesh Sahay

  • 1870 Automatic semantic service composition aiming at increasing end-users' accessibility
    Authors: Nikolaos Kaklanis, Ageliki Konstadinidou, Konstantinos Votis and Dimitrios Tzovaras