Information Systems and Informatics Program

ISI News & Events

Spring 2019

  • May 25: Weicong Feng, an rising senior ISI student, for his summer internship at the Mediterranian Shipping Company. The MSC has sponsored two previous ISI students as their summer interns who were offered to permanent positions for the last two years.

  • May 30: Congratulations on the 2nd Graduating class of 2019! (Candidates list*)
    *The students who do not ccomplete successful course work this semester will not be eligible for the graduation or an honor's designation.
    • Belal Alayah,
    • Victor Arroyo, Faculty Award recipient
    • David Barrios,
    • Marisol Carino,
    • Christopher Costello, Honors in Major
    • Kenneth De Young,
    • Abnerson Ocampo,
    • Ari Osmolovsky,
    • Mohammed Rahman,
    • Sharena Tirado,

  • May 2: Congratulations to Victor, Abnersoa, Weicong and Ken for their successful poster presentations at the 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference .
    Topics ranged from the privacy policy practice in government agencies, to the citizen complaint analytics for agency performance improvements, the privacy risk detection methods, and data analytics for a audio/speaker product design.

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