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  • 2016 Summer Camp on Data Analytics & Cyber Security High school students from Staten Island enjoyed the data science and cyber security.
  • Information Security and Risk ManagementDr. Chun offers Course on Information Security and Risk Management in Spring 2018
  • Undergraduate Research Conference at CSIOur undergraduate Frank Lennon & Dennis Shpits presents their work on cyber security projects and Social health data
  • IoT Security BookProf. Chun is a co-editor of a book on Internet of Things (IoT) Security in June 2018
  • 2017 AI and Cyber Security Track at FLAIRS-30 Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security is calling for paper submission for 2017
  • Cyber Security in GovernmentCyber Security in Government track in Digital Government Research Conference 2017
Summer Camp on Data Analytics and Security 0 New Course Information Security and Risk Management1 Undergraduate Research Conference at CSI2 Dr. Chun will co-edit an IoT Security Book3 AI and Cyber Security at FLAIRS-20174 Cyber Security in Government5
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Security Tweets


Security related tweets: Our research includes developing Cyber Security Ontology and Pedagogic security ontology as well as linked data of multi-media security resources to facilitate student learning.


We have developed research prototype tools:


  • Congratulations to three ISI major students, Alhaji Nyallay, Maliha Mowla, and Thomas Cosares for the NSF SFS (Scholarship for Service) scholarship awards. Two of these students were also participants for the summer camp for Data Analytics and Cyber Security (Alhaji and Maliha).
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