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  • 2020 Security, Privacy & Trust Tutorial at dg.o 2020 Security, Privacy and Trust at dg.o 2020
  • 2021 Security, Privacy and  Track in AI at FLAIRS-34 Security, Privacy and Trust in AI at FLAIRS 2021
  • Information Security and Risk ManagementCourse on Information Security and Risk Management will be offered in Spring 2021
  • Undergraduate Research Conference at CSIOur undergraduate Frank Lennon & Dennis Shpits presents their work on cyber security projects and Social health data
  • IoT Security BookProf. Chun is a co-editor of a book on Internet of Things (IoT) Security in June 2018
  • 2016 Summer Camp on Data Analytics & Cyber Security High school students from Staten Island enjoyed the data science and cyber security.
Summer Camp on Data Analytics and Security 0 New Course Information Security and Risk Management1 Undergraduate Research Conference at CSI2 Dr. Chun will co-edit an IoT Security Book3 AI and Cyber Security at FLAIRS-20174 Cyber Security in Government5
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The iSecure lab focuses on basic and applied research on data and information security, privacy, trust and risks, that became part of the societal problems in the hyper-connected virtual space.


The topics of research varies from developing the knowledge infrastructure of Cyber Security Ontology and Pedagogic security ontology, to application of security ontology-based linked knowledge graph to connect and search multi-media security resources to facilitate student learning.


Privacy topics include health privacy policy, government privacy policy and personal privacy risks, and use analytics to detect privacy risks and to protect in sharing data, especially on social media platforms.


Trust on informaion has been eroded due to many reasons, including information truthfulness issues. The research and application to computationally address the mis- and dis-information issues.


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