Welcome Students!

Dear Students, Parents, Friends and Family members:

Welcome to our inaugural Data Science Summer Camp at CSI ! The Camp is hosted by the iSecure Lab, the Information Systems and Informatics Program, and the School of Business, in collaboration with the School of Continuing Education of CSI. We sincerely welcome the incoming campers who are taking the opportunity to engage themselves in an exciting pre-college learning experience.

We live in a digital society where the Information and Communication Technologies drive members of the work force to become knowledge workers who are skilled in technology and who will transform our economy and society with creativity and innovation. This summer camp has two goals. The first goal is to expose high school students to the technology and the scientific methods for managing and processing large sets of digital data to create valuable information and knowledge that can be used for intelligent decision making.

We will focus on analyzing several New York City Open Data Sets to understand and improve the urban issues of New York City. We will guide students to research a variety of topics, including demographic shifts, business/industry trends, healthcare and health issues, crime, and socio-cultural events, in the five boroughs. The output of the camp projects will support New York City planners and other decision makers to create a smart city.

The recent technology innovations also create many cyber security and privacy challenges. Thus, our second goal is to raise awareness of cyber security and privacy issues in managing data, and to teach the basic concepts of threats, vulnerabilities, as well as technical and policy level solutions.

We hope that early exposure to data analytics and cyber security issues in our digital world will attract the interest and curiosity of the beautiful young minds of our students to pursue the STEM fields as their study areas and as their future career paths.

Looking forward to working with you!


Soon Ae Chun

Professor of Information Systems and Informatics

Director of iSecure Lab