Open Data Analytics and Cyber Security
Building a Smart City

The smart city concept is generally defined as the use of information and communication technology, human and artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions for fueling sustainable economic development and achieving a high quality of life. Our inaugural Data Science and Technology Camp will focus on making Staten Island a smart and secure city through data science technologies. Specifically, it will focus on using open data and analytics technologies to design a smart city for specific Staten Island neighborhoods, businesses, government and citizens.

The government and industry in the Borough of Staten Island have invested in improving neighborhoods to create a vibrant, diverse economic center. For instance, St. George has been renovated and rezoned with the ambition to become a center of economic activity, a transportation hub, a cultural hub, and a diverse community. Despite of these development efforts, several lingering issues still remain. For example, the commercial district activities did not reach its expectations, lacking retail diversity and entertainment options after the commuter peak hours. There have been difficulties with attracting commuters into the neighborhood, and with providing convenient transportation and pedestrian paths from the Ferry Terminal to the commercial district. There is no local business development organization solely devoted to serving the neighborhood. Similarly, several other Staten Island districts have their unique challenges.

In this summer camp, we will collect data on the St. George neighborhood, covering the demography, properties, transportations, roads, businesses, investment, opinions expressed in social media, cultural and entertainment venues and neighborhood events. Students will analyze these data to find patterns, trends, or outliers, and propose innovative solutions to stimulate the growth and vibrancy in the neighborhood. Students will present their ideas and "knowledge from data analyses" to city planners, industry investors, business leaders and citizens. Some example problem solving tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Identify demographic distributions, comparing different types of commuters (e.g., commuters from the neighborhood and from outside of the neighborhood).
  • Analyze the business activities (the numbers and types of businesses and their distances)
  • Calculate the distance from the Ferry Terminal to business venues for the commuters
  • Collect the major chat topics and concerns of neighborhood residents and compare them with other neighborhoods.
  • Using the above and other analyses, propose innovative ideas to make the neighborhood a smart city.

The camp will run at the CUNY College Staten Island from July 6 to July 19th Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

For more information on the camp, please contact:
Summer Camp Coordinator, (718) 982-2931
Camp Website