CSI Hosts a major international conference (dg.o 2017)

Prof. Chun hosts the 18th International Conference on Digital Government (dg.o 2017) at CSI Center for the Arts, together with professors Paolo Cappellari (ISI), Rob Domanski (Computer Science), Richard Flanaghan (Political Science), under the auspices of School of Business, the Digital Government Society.

This year's conference was held in collaboration with the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), a non-profit organization, for their summit 17 to present and award top 7 city governments for their efforts to make their communities intelligent.

We had 245+ participants on Jun 7th with academic, government and non-profit organizations around the world.

We had student and staff volunteers, including students from ISI (Peter Ibrahim, Victor Arroyo, Alhaj, Christina), CS as well as Pol Science, and School of Business (Babette). Thank you all for your participation and collaboration to make this event very successful.

Special thanks goes to Dean Susan Holak for her generous support, all the staff from the OIT, Center for the Arts, as well as CSI Auxiliary Services department.