Course Replacement Policy Change ***ISI300***

Dear ISI major students:

*** Please note the following important policies regarding on ISI300 ***

1. The students who have taken CSC 211-CSC 326 sequence (for data structure course) as of Spring 2017 have to have above B- grade in order to get the waiver for ISI300-CSC226, especially when they are doing the CS minor. (this applies retroactively.)

2. Since CSC226 is now regularly offered, this waiver sequence will not be considered any longer as of Fall 2017.
(This implies that if you take CSC211-CSC326, you will get waiver for ISI300, but not CSC226.)

It will be effective immediately. When you plan your fall course registration, please keep in mind of these policies.

You can contact Prof. Zhang or Prof. Chun if you have any questions or inquiries on these topics.