Part-time Wed Designer Position Opening

The Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC)* at the Graduate Center (CUNY) is looking for a part-time web designer to create a web portal that will connect language instructors around the country interested in conducting telecollaborations**.

Job Description

The designer will build a web portal including two fundamental elements: a matching tool to pair instructors for collaborations, and a space for members to share pedagogical materials.
The site will be built using Commons In A Box (CBOX), a CUNY-created collection of WordPress and BuddyPress tools, with extensive customization. The successful candidate will have experience designing social collaboration portals and familiarity with the tools to be used (preferably CBOX itself and relevant plugins; or WordPress and BuddyPress in general).


  • Experience creating responsive design for WordPress
  • Understanding of WordPress databases and features
  • Familiarity with the following languages:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • JavaScript (preferred)
  • Familiaritywith Foundation or Bootstrap
  • Familiarity with phpMyadmin preferred

For more information on technical requirements, please refer to the CBOX Theme Developer’s Guide:

The designer will work six hours per week in the ILETC offices at the Graduate Center. This position will start ASAP and last through the end of May 2017. Compensation will be approximately $41-42 per hour.


To apply, please email a cover letter and résumé/CV to; include “Web Designer 2017” in the subject line.

*About ILETC

The mission of the Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC) is to support and promote the teaching and learning of languages at CUNY in the context of New York City’s multilingual communities. The Institute is a research and resource center for language education at CUNY. As a research center, ILETC supports projects by language scholars and instructors in the fields of language pedagogy, second language acquisition theory, and translingual and transcultural communication. As a resource center, ILETC collaborates with language programs and faculty at CUNY to cultivate opportunities for professional development and promote the production and dissemination of materials for language education. ILETC was founded in 2012 and is supported through university-wide funding, as well as through the individual support of Hunter College, Queens College, the College of Staten Island, and the Graduate Center.

For more information, visit

**Telecollaboration is a pedagogical technique in which students in different physical locations, who usually never meet in person, work together to complete tasks and projects using computer-mediated communications. It is commonly employed for language learning and building intercultural competence.