What Small Businesses Need to Know About the Future of Cybersecurity and Hackers

The article by Intel's Gary Davis states "The truest way to frame the future of cybersecurity is to expect constant change." With constant expansion of computing frontiers with smaller devices, that attack surfaces are also expanding. Combined with the hyper connected cyberworld, businesses need to stay informed of what’s going on in cybersecurity and how it may impact your business. One should know how contemporary security solutions are addressing these cybersecurity challenges. Small or large businesses as well as entrepreneur are no exceptions of hacking. Check out the real time threat/hacking map.

The following basic suggestions can help to protect your data by [1]:

  • Install security software on your website.
  • Keep all of your website scripts up to date.
  • Use unique passwords.
  • Clear your cookies frequently.
  • Avoid connecting any device to public Wi-Fi networks, and don’t work from cyber cafes.
  • Encrypt your smartphone.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi router.
  • Get a virtual private network that can protect multiple devices.
  • Don’t save passwords and credit card details in your browser.
  • Secure your computer.
  • Store items like memory cards in a secure physical location, like a safe deposit box.
  • Delete client data when projects come to an end.
  • Never click a link in a suspicious email, even if it’s from a business contact.


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