AAS-Info Systems

Business (AAS) Concentration in Information Systems

Pathways Required Core: 12 credits

English Composition (RECR)

6 credits

ENG 111

Introduction to College Writing

3 credits

ENG 151

College Writing

3 credits

Mathematical And Quantitative Reasoning (RMQR)

3 or more credits

Students are required to complete one of the following courses:

MTH 121

Finite Mathematics

3 credits

MTH 123

College Algebra and Trigonometry

4 credits

MTH 130

Pre-Calculus Mathematics

3 credits

MTH 230

Calculus I with Pre-Calculus

6 credits

MTH 231

Analytic Geometry and Calculus I

3 credits

MTH 235

Accelerated Calculus I

5 credits

Life and Physical Sciences (RLPR)

3 or more credits

Pathways Flexible Core: 9 credits

Select 3 courses from the following five areas with no more than two courses from any discipline or interdisciplinary field in the Flexible Core. The five areas of the Flexible Core are:

1. World Cultures and Global Issues (FWGR)

2. Creative Expression (FCER)

3. U.S. Experience in its Diversity (FUSR)

Students are required to complete the following course:

COR 100

United States: Issues, Ideas, and Institutions

4. Individual and Society (FISR)

5. Scientific World (FSWR)

NOTE: Students may take courses in STEM areas of the Common Core (Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning, Life and Physical Sciences, and Scientific World) that have 3 or more credits. This may result in students finishing their degree with more than the regular number of credits required.

Core Requirements: 28 credits

(Please note that the prerequisites for several Core courses include a specific math course (MTH 121, or MTH 123, MTH 130, MTH 230, MTH 231). Students may also use this course to fulfill a General Education requirement)

ACC 114

Introduction to Accounting I

4 credits

ACC 121

Introduction to Accounting II

4 credits

BUS 160

Business Law I

3 credits

BUS 215

Information Management

4 credits

ECO 111

Introduction to Microeconomics





ECO 112

Introduction to Macroeconomics

4 credits


Managerial Finance I

3 credits

MGT 110

Organizational Theory and Management

3 credits

MKT 111


3 credits

Information Systems: Specialization requirements (7-8 credits)

Two courses chosen from among the following list :
CSC 126 or Information Systems and Informatics (ISI) courses at the 200 level or above.

Electives: 3-4 credits

Total Credits Required: 60 Credits

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