Invited Speaker Series

October 27, 2015
2:30pm-3:30pm, School of Business Conference Room
Prof. Kim Normann Andersen
Copenhagen Business School
Maturity Models for Digital Government: Building On Top of the Layne & Lee and Andersen & Henriksen models
Abstract: Authors of two of the most quoted maturity models for e-government are currently joining forces in developing the next generation of maturity models. The research team has been interviewing local government officials to ground the development of the new maturity model. In the talk, the first iteration of the new model will be presented and discussed. There will be example from Asia, Europa, and the US on progress of e-government how existing models can be supplemented in moving forward our conceptualization and implementation of new generation of technologies in government.

Bio:Kim Normann Andersen is Professor and Study Program Director in the Department of IT Management at the Copenhagen Business School. His research focuses on implementation and impacts of technologies in government such as robots, online communication, self service, and social media. He has published in a range of journals and involved in various NSF and EU funded projects. He has been appointed to various international and national committees within open document standards and large scale IT projects. He holds a PhD from Copenhagen University and have been visiting scholar at UC Irvine and Tokyo University among others.