Invited Lecture for Big Data Analytics Class

Mr. David Kraiker, Outreach, US Census Bureau, NY Region
He will present "Life Cycle of a Piece of Data" that describes the process of data collection and management and dissemination process. The search and use of the Census bureau data will be demonstrated.

TIme: October 29, 2015 6:30-8:00PM
Location: Room 3N-113

Invited Speaker Series

October 27, 2015
2:30pm-3:30pm, School of Business Conference Room
Prof. Kim Normann Andersen
Copenhagen Business School
Maturity Models for Digital Government: Building On Top of the Layne & Lee and Andersen & Henriksen models

Spring 2016 Courses

In Spring 2016, we will offer the following ISI major related courses:

most of pre-major courses are offered every semester, including the following:
- BUS215 Information Management
- CSC 126 Intro to Computer Science
Elective courses that will be offered:
- ISI 334 Business Intelligence and Analytics
- CSC 424 Database Management Systems

Individual Faculty members may also consider an independent study.
Please consult Profs. Chun or Zhang for more information or any questions.

Fall 2015 Course Offerings

In Fall 2015, we offer the following ISI courses:

Pre-major courses:
all pre-major courses are offered, except
ISI 300 Info Structures for Business

Major Required
- None offered in Fall 2015

Major Electives
- BUS 315 (which is now ISI 315) Information Security and Risk Management

ISI program flyer

ISI Program is launched this fall

We are accepting students to enroll to the BS degree in Information Systems.
Some of the useful information is shown here.


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